Educational Publications

                    CTB/McGraw-Hill Data Test Bank

                    Holidays & Seasonal Celebrations

                    The Mailbox Bookbag

                    Short, Short Stories for Reading Aloud


          Magazines (under pseudonym Nancy Vaughn)  

                    Club Connection

                    Humpty Dumpty’s Magazine

                    Junior Trails


                    Shine Brightly

                    Stable Kids

                    Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids


          Educational Publications (under pseudonym Nancy Vaughn)

                    Holidays & Seasonal Celebrations

                    Wonderful Ideas


          Awards and Honors

                    2002 - Persie Writing Contest (Win-Win) First Place

                               in Young Adult Category - “Killer Schedule”

                    2009 – Ventura/Santa Barbara SCBWI Writers’ Day

                                Contest, Special Mention in

Middle Grade Category – “No Way, No Day”